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Small to Medium Enterprise

Small to medium enterprises make up a substantial part of Canberra’s business community, with types of businesses ranging across a very broad spectrum.

With those businesses often come issues never seen before by the business owners, so it is imperative that the business have experienced advisors to assist.

Selling the requirement for legal services to a brand new SME can often be difficult, as a business owner may decide that they are capable of dealing with all issues as they arise. What we have found however, is that a business owner will often approach us for legal assistance when it is too late to avoid an avoidable headache. At Trinity Law, we prefer to be proactive with your business rather than reactive. We genuinely have an interest in your business doing well, and progressing along the path that you set for it.

Trinity Law will be with you every step of the way, from inception, through business succession planning, until the time you determine is the right time to exit. We can also help with your exit, whether it be sale of the business to the highest bidder, or a succession to existing employees, shareholders or partners.

The major services we offer include:

  • Commercial advice on, and preparation of, business contracts such as terms of trade, supply agreements and equipment leasing.
  • Employment law advice, which may include a review of current employment agreements (if any!), and advice when things happen or need to happen from an employee or employer perspective.
  • Advising on and setting up an appropriate entity for the operation of a business. In providing this service, we will work closely with your accountant to ensure that the strategy we engage is a tax effective one. Through the structure, we would also aim to limit your personal liability by protecting your personal assets, ensure that any intellectual property owned by you or your business is protected, and plan for business succession.
  • Preparation of agreements to guide how owners of a business relate to each other – for example, what if one owner wants to sell, but the other doesn’t? Or one owner doesn’t turn up for work for weeks at a time without notice?
  • Business sales and purchases (including by way of share sale or purchase).
  • Property advice, including property planning, purchases, sales and leasing.
  • Intellectual property advice and protection strategies. For example, do you need a trademark?  Is someone using a name or logo very similar to yours and you want them to stop?
  • Tax and stamp duty advice.
  • Advice in relation to the Personal Property Security Register, including how to properly obtain security from any party to whom you provide credit.
  • General contract advice for all contracts and agreements that you may have to deal with.

Trinity Law is experienced in assisting SMEs, and prides itself on providing value for money by way of a commercial outcome within a given time frame at a reasonable price. We have been doing it for years, and continue to do so.

Mark Poretti is an experienced lawyer, and understands the importance of providing the right advice to an SME. If you think you might need some assistance in any aspect of your business or commercial property dealings, the first step is a simple phone call to find out.


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