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Oct 28, 2019

Transforming words into action: Values driven legal practice

Contact: Michael James

Many law firms will claim to be driven by values but the firms who take the initiative to truly live by those values set themselves apart.  From my first meeting with the Partners at Trinity Law, it was clear that Trinity Law’s core values influence the decision making and culture of the firm.  Excellence, efficiency, integrity and positivity form the foundations of Trinity Law, and there is a sense of community among employees that stems from these values. Despite having over 30 employees working across different areas of law, there is an understanding of what the core values of Trinity Law mean, and how they are implemented to deliver the best possible results to clients.

Since starting at Trinity Law, it has been clear to me that the core values are shared across all levels of the firm. Employees find an alignment between their personal values and the organisation’s, with the firm actively encouraging employees to run charity fundraisers on issues they are passionate about in addition to the on-going sponsorships that Trinity Law maintains.

The longest running relationship Trinity Law has is with World Vision. Trinity Law has sponsored World Vision for over 10 years to help tackle the root causes of poverty. Currently, Trinity Law sponsor three young boys who live in Bangladesh and are aged 5 to 10 years of age. They often send us letters and artwork they have done at school and keep us updated with their lives. It is rewarding to read their correspondence and gain insight into how the sponsorship has transformed their world. World Vision helps to deliver emergency relief and development work as well as advocacy services to millions of people in need across the world. The vital part of World Vision is that the initiatives are all community lead. Local strengths, needs and goals frame the development of World Vision projects while the support and expertise offered by World Vision allows community members to lead the action. As an employee, it is wonderful to know that the firm has a long-term commitment to a not-for-profit organisation focused on assisting people in need both locally and around the globe.

Beyond the incredibly valuable relationship with World Vision, Trinity Law also offer their support to the local Canberra community by sponsor charity events and hold fundraisers. For the past 5 years, Trinity Law has sponsored Circus Quirkus, an event organised by the Rotary Club of Canberra, which raises funds for special needs and disadvantaged children.

Lawyers at Trinity Law are also encouraged to volunteer their time at the Legal Advice Bureau providing free legal advice to the Canberra community on a broad range of issues through the ACT Law Society. Trinity Law also regularly participates in the MS ‘Sydney to the Gong’ bike ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis with many employees enjoying the opportunity to compete each year.

Trinity Law was built from the ground up to represent excellence, efficiency, integrity and positivity, and I am delighted to now represent a firm that is dedicated to living up to it’s values in the workplace and beyond.

The information in this document represents general information, and should not be relied for your specific circumstances. If you require legal advice and assistance on the matters contained or associated in this document you should contact Trinity Law. Subject to the limits of the law, Trinity Law disclaims any liability on persons relying on this document.

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