Our Offerings

We can help you with:

  • Commercial, property and construction disputes;
  • Rates disputes;
  • Planning disputes;
  • Compliance disputes;
  • Consumer complaints and disputes


Dispute resolution does not necessarily mean going straight to court. In fact, many disputes can be resolved quickly and efficiently without going to Court at all.

Our team specialises in all sorts of commercial related disputed, with an emphasis on property, construction and planning disputes or just general disputes about what a contract means.

We provide informed and pragmatic advice with a focus, always, on client goals. Trinity Law has a unique skill-set, in that it has technical and commercial understanding and insight. We act for Canberra’s leaders  and we constantly deliver quality legal services.

Our staff are diverse and able to converse in range of mediums and languages such as:

  • Italian;
  • Mandarin; and
  • Cantonese.

Our Articles

Building Causes of Action

Disagreements between owners and builders are quite common, whether they concern the use of certain materials or whether items are compliant with he contract or the standards.

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ACT – Causes of Building Action


Loss of Enjoyment and Damages

Can builders be liable for damages to homeowner’s loss of enjoyment of their home? How do we quantify that amount?

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Loss of Enjoyment and Damages.

Accessorial Liability of Professional Advisers

When providing legal advice or financial advice, all advisors should be mindful of their accessorial liability. It is easy to be too involved in helping a client particularly when they are in a difficult position. It is important to understand the boundaries.

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Accessorial Liability of Professional Advisers